Flash News!!! Jean-Michel Saive at the 1st Malta International Invitational Juniors and Cadets Table Tennis Tournament, 11-15 September, 2019

1st Malta International Invitational Juniors and Cadets Table Tennis Tournament, 11-15 September, 2019

We are delighted and honoured to reveal that Jean-Michel Saive has accepted MTTA’s invitation and shall be visiting us during the tournament. He is the greatest Belgian player in the history of table-tennis who competed at seven consecutive Olympics between 1988 and 2012.
His table-tennis career as a player is astonishing having won a total of 130 medals (51 gold, 38 silver and 41 bronze) in international singles tournaments, including the singles title at the European Championship in 1994 convened in Birmingham (United Kingdom). In 1994 Jean-Michel Saive also held the top spot as world number one for 515 days (9 February 1994 to 8 June 1995) and again in 1996.

Euro Talent Training Camp 2019

This year’s Euro Talent Training Camp will be held in Hungary between the 13th and 20th August 2019.  Malta will be represented by two upcoming table tennis players Matthew Cassar and Luke Bonello, accompanied by MTTA official Mr Noel Schembri.

1st Malta International Invitational Juniors and Cadets, 11-15 September, 2019

Table Tennis Tournament

The Malta Table Tennis Association is pleased to be organising the 1st Malta International Invitational Juniors and Cadets Table Tennis Tournament. At the start of the event a training camp will be held under the guidance of experienced coach Roman Plese and all the National Association coaches that are participating.

The event shall be held between the 11th and 15th September 2019 at the University of Malta Gym, Tal-Qroqq with the participation of eight nations  hailing from  Cyprus, Faroe Island, Ireland, Kosovo, Lebanon, Norway, Wales and Malta.

The tournament and training camp will need some serious logistics ranging from equipment managers, location coordinators, umpiring, accommodation and transport. 

In due course we will also be announcing the visit by several special  International guests that shall be visiting us during the tournament.  

MTTA Independence Cup 1st Edition 2016

The first edition of the Independence Cup was held on 21st September 2016 at the University Sports Hall in Tal-Qroqq.  Two table tennis academies accepted the Malta Table Tennis Association’s invitation and presented a team each in the Under 11, Under 13, Under 15, Under 18, Under 21 and Seniors categories.

MITTC won three categories (Seniors, Under 21 and Under 15) while HiTT Academy won the other three categories (Under 18, Under 13 and Under 11).  HiTT Academy emerged overall winners having won more games.

The Hon. David Agius (MP) and Dr. Alex Perici Calascione presented the trophies to the winners of the various categories and the Independence Shield to HiTT Academy.

The event was a huge success and played with utmost sporting spirit, encouraging the MTTA to insert it in its annual calendar of events.


14435291_10154437753055505_7000993553600203047_oFrom left to right: Dr Umberto Borg Cardona (MTTA Secretary General), Dr. Alex Perici Calascione, Hon. David Agius MP, Mr Mark Grech (MTTA President) and Mr Noel Schembri (MTTA Treasurer).

COJI Games in Mallorca and European Youth Championships in Zagreb

The Malta Table Tennis Association sent two contingents to take part in two events, the COJI games and the European Youth Championships held in Mallorca and Zagreb respectively.

The Maltese Team in Mallorca consisted of two cadets being James Vella Vidal and Nicholas Pace Bonello who were accompanied by one of the National coaches, Johanna Grech. The COJI Games, or Jeux des Isles, are games for small islands and an ideal opportunity for players of the age of fourteen and under to experience international matches against players from countries of similar size.

Screenshot 2016-08-13 19.48.47

From left to right: Johanna Grech, James Vella Vidal and Nicholas Pace Bonello

The second contingent in Zagreb consisted of three teams (two Juniors, one Cadet) and were accompanied by the two National coaches, Johanna Grech (Cadets) and Mario Genovese (Juniors).

The Cadet team consisted of Sacha Pace, James Vella Vidal and Conrad Puli while the two Juniors teams consisted of Gabriel Grixti, Jurgen Sammut, Isaac Grixti and Miguel Montebello along with the girls team which consisted of Sascha Genovese and Nicole Cutajar.

The introduction of a girls Junior National team in the EYC was definitely a step in the right direction, as the MTTA starts its long term plan to provide opportunities for female players to take part in international events along with the motivating of local female players to work hard and improve the National level.

13603225_1186034501448624_986891204542811645_oFrom left to right: Johanna Grech, Conrad Puli, James Vella Vidal, Isaac Grixti, Jurgen Sammut, Miguel Montebello, Sacha Pace, Gabriel Grixti, Nicole Cutajar, Sascha Genovese and Mario Genovese

64th Seniors National Championships 2015/16

Congratulations to all those who took part in the 64th National Championships this week-end and a special well done to those who won the honours:
Daniel Bajada – Men Singles 
Jessica Pace – Ladies Singles
Mario Genovese – Veterans
Daniel Bajada and Edward Baldacchino – Men Doubles (Pictured)
Jessica Pace and Amy Degaetano – Ladies Doubles
Jessica Pace and Sacha Pace – Mixed Doubles
I also thank whoever gave a helping hand in the events’ successful organisation.
Mark Grech
President MTTA


MTTA National League 2015/16 comes to a close

Yesterday the last National league matches were played, bringing a close to the league with the promotion and relegation of teams. The MTTA is very proud that this year round the league consisted of a record-breaking 42 teams. We would like to thank all coaches, team captains, players and parents involved for taking part.

The champions of each division are as follows:

Division 1 Champions: Malta University SSC Andro (pictured)
Division 2 Champions: Sharp Shot JTC
Division 3 Champions: MITTC Scriver
Division 4 Champions: Topspin TT Academy Rasant

Congratulations to all of the champions!

From left to right: Daniel Bajada, Edward Baldacchino and Alex Soler

MTTA Executive Council Board appoints Mr Mark Grech as MTTA President

Dear Members,

Kindly note that following an Executive Council Meeting held on the 29th March 2016 the MTTA Executive Council Board has revised the role of its Council Members as follows and this after Alex Anastasi’s resignation for personal reasons from the post of “President”:

1. President Mark Grech (Pictured)
2. Vice President / Secretary General Umberto Borg Cardona
3. Assistant Secretary Dennis Borg
4. Treasurer Noel Schembri
5. Elected Voting Member Ossie Balzan
6. Elected Voting Member Andrea Portelli
7. Elected Voting Member Alex Anastasi
8. Co-opted Member (Non-voting right) Victor Grech

Thanks and Kind Regards

Dr. Umberto Borg Cardona
Malta Table Tennis Association
Secretary General / Vice-President

Perfect World Championships 2016 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

12798906_1102241249827950_7923619695452349345_nThe Maltese team composed of Andrew Gambina, Edward Baldacchino and Daniel Bajada (left to right) along with MTTA President Alex Anastasi took part in the Perfect World Championships held in Malaysia. The team registered three wins out of their six matches. The Maltese team beat Libya 3-1, Morocco 3-0 and Libya a second time without dropping a match. The players also came close to beating Maldives with a 3-1 loss.

The MTTA Committee would like the congratulate the players for their good results and performances.