COJI Games in Mallorca and European Youth Championships in Zagreb

The Malta Table Tennis Association sent two contingents to take part in two events, the COJI games and the European Youth Championships held in Mallorca and Zagreb respectively.

The Maltese Team in Mallorca consisted of two cadets being James Vella Vidal and Nicholas Pace Bonello who were accompanied by one of the National coaches, Johanna Grech. The COJI Games, or Jeux des Isles, are games for small islands and an ideal opportunity for players of the age of fourteen and under to experience international matches against players from countries of similar size.

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From left to right: Johanna Grech, James Vella Vidal and Nicholas Pace Bonello

The second contingent in Zagreb consisted of three teams (two Juniors, one Cadet) and were accompanied by the two National coaches, Johanna Grech (Cadets) and Mario Genovese (Juniors).

The Cadet team consisted of Sacha Pace, James Vella Vidal and Conrad Puli while the two Juniors teams consisted of Gabriel Grixti, Jurgen Sammut, Isaac Grixti and Miguel Montebello along with the girls team which consisted of Sascha Genovese and Nicole Cutajar.

The introduction of a girls Junior National team in the EYC was definitely a step in the right direction, as the MTTA starts its long term plan to provide opportunities for female players to take part in international events along with the motivating of local female players to work hard and improve the National level.

13603225_1186034501448624_986891204542811645_oFrom left to right: Johanna Grech, Conrad Puli, James Vella Vidal, Isaac Grixti, Jurgen Sammut, Miguel Montebello, Sacha Pace, Gabriel Grixti, Nicole Cutajar, Sascha Genovese and Mario Genovese

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